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There are many opportunities to participate in your church through volunteering. Whatever your gifting may be, there is a place for you. Please review the opportunities below and Contact Us for next steps on getting started!

Prayer Team

If you feel comfortable praying for people, there is a need for you to join our prayer team. Following each service there are individuals from the prayer team who meet in the Mother's Room and pray directly with individuals. There is brief training provided for this, so all volunteers have an understanding of resources available etc.

1017 Project

The 1017 Project is a ministry of the church that provides beef free of charge to families in need. Shiloh owns a herd of over 240 cattle and has many areas of volunteer opportunities related to this ministry. Please see the specific 1017 handout under “Buddy” the bull in the lobby to be added to a specific volunteer area of this ministry.

Response Team

The Shiloh Ranch Response Team exists to support members of the church body experiencing the loss of a loved one, or other life difficulties, such as a planned or unplanned hospital stay. This ministry also includes our “Take a Meal” volunteer team, for those in need of meals during a recovery process, new birth or life difficulty. These individuals go through training to enable them to handle bereavement situations. This group also oversees hospital visits and individual follow up of church members in difficult situations. This group corresponds through email and text messaging and meets on a monthly basis for prayer and to review situations within the church to ensure all bases are covered.

Take A Meal Program

A prime candidate for the Take a Meal Program would be an individual who knows they will be going in for surgery and has requested assistance by having dinner brought to them and their family during their first week of recovery. Volunteers of this program receive notification when a need inside the church arises, and choose to provide a meal that works for them. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN AMAZING COOK TO DO THIS!...Many choose to pick up a Tate and Tate Casserole and deliver that:) Signing up does not obligate you to cover every need. If the timing doesn't work out for that specific need, no problem, just hit up one of the future ones. This volunteer group is a very low stress, yet high impact ministry of the church!

Property/ Building

Shiloh Ranch has a beautiful home on 56 acres. This does however require maintenance to keep looking nice. There are many areas for people to jump in and help.

Property Clean Up Days – If you would like to be notified of church work days please sign up for this. During these days, members of the church commit a couple hours to clean up around the property. Duties such as weed eating, pulling weeds, planting flowers, washing windows, cutting tree limbs, cleaning up the road way etc.

Facility Cleaning- There are many areas inside the building that need tended to on a weekly basis. Some of these areas include cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming/straightening of Children's Building.

Service Production

There are many areas that help weekly services run smoothly.

Slide Operators - You may notice the big screens with words during worship, or bible verses displayed throughout the sermon. What you may not notice is a volunteer sitting in the back making this happen. This is an entry level volunteer position that only requires that you are able to read. This volunteer area has a high impact on making the service run smoothly and is relatively simple. Volunteers in this area are put on a rotation.

AV Operations- If you have experience of interest with Media/AV production and would like to help, please notify us.

Sound Tech Assistants- This volunteer area requires that you assist the sound technician so he is able to do his job with full concentration.

Special Events Team

The special events team, plans and oversees all special events that happen throughout the year. If you enjoy event planning, or are willing to serve alongside those who do, this is a great fit for you.

Children's Church

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Shiloh Ranch has the most amazing Children's Church teachers and volunteers. We take the safety of our children very serious and for this reason, all volunteers are subject to a thorough background check and personally evaluated for placement by the Director.

Teachers - These individuals love to work around children. They work directly with Shiloh's Children Director to teach the weekly lesson plan. There are different age ranges and teachers are matched according to their age preference and experience. Teachers work directly with assistants in teaching our children.

strong>Teacher Assistants - These volunteers, serve, specifically to assist teachers as needed. There is no teaching experience needed for this position, just a general love for children and ability to assist and take direction.

Greeters/Checkin - This position greets families, signs them in and gives direction, you will not be used in a teaching capacity, you will only be responsible to greet/check kids in and sign them out following service.


Tabitha Willis

Director of Children's Ministry


Shiloh depends on detail oriented people!

Data Input - If you are good with computers/detail and systems and would like to make yourself available when there are data input projects, this is a great place for you.

Special Note Writers - If you are one of those people who are good about sending off “Thank You” notes, “Thinking About You” notes, Birthday cards etc, this would be a great place for you!

Special Event Administration - We have special events that require extra office hands. One example of this is our annual Equipment Auction. There are various individuals who make themselves available when special needs arise.

Hospitality Team

Shiloh's Hospitality team establishes the hospitable environment of SR. These individuals are committed to welcoming individuals with warmth and assistance in order to create an overall welcoming experience

Greeters - These individuals have the first point of contact with people. They are responsible to hand out Sunday bulletins and welcome everyone coming through the door. They also offer direction/assistance to first time guests, and open doors for any entering.

Kitchen Cooks - Shiloh Ranch is well known for Sunday Breakfast and Monday Dinner. Each Sunday, a team of volunteers show up early to cook a variety of breakfast items for all attending. This can often include breakfast sandwiches, burritos, crepes or casseroles. The Kitchen crew has a lot of fun working together and serving others. Cooking experience is preferred for this volunteer position.

Hospitality Help - This position is responsible for maintaining the beverage and snack tables. They also ensure that hospitality areas are fully stocked at all times and aesthetically presentable.

Ushers - These individuals help take up and count the weekly offering. They also help assist with monthly communion, and make sure things are as they should be in the sanctuary, by helping straighten up chairs etc.

Guest Speaker/Missionary Hospitality - One of the areas Shiloh places priority on, is guest speaker/missionary hospitality. We want all guest speakers and missionaries to feel honored and comfortable during their stay with us. For this reason, we always see to it they have a gift basket specific to the individual/family upon their arrival. If you have an eye for detail and are geared toward hospitality, this may be a great area for you. When there is a need you are notified and given a list of potential items to fill their basket with. You then are asked to deliver their basket to their place of lodging.

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