History of Shiloh Ranch

May 2012: Lead Pastor Jordan Weaver, along with wife Lacey and children Jhet and Kodi, move to plant a Parent Affiliated Church of their home church Shepherds Valley Cowboy Church of Texas.

Monday May 25, 2012: First Monday Service
The very first Monday night church service was held. This continued throughout the summer of 2012, averaging around 20-25 individuals in attendance on any given week.

September 21, 2012: First Sunday Service
1,000 added Calf Roping, Barrel Racing,Team Roping. Over 100 in attendance of church service, and 450 in attendance throughout the day.

Easter 2013: First Easter
Over 400 in attendance, fundraising efforts ensued to raise funds for the purchase of property and church construction.

September 2013: Shiloh Ranch Becomes a Sovereign Church
Shiloh Ranch became a sovereign Assemblies of God -Oregon Ministry Network Church.

October 26, 2013: Purchase of Property
Fundraising is a success, and Shiloh Ranch closes on 56 acres in Powell Butte Oregon.

March 23, 2014: 1017 Project Introduced
The 1017 Project launches during regular services with 17 head, including 9 mature herd cows in place.

2014: Second Easter
Over 900 in attendance, following Shiloh’s second Easter, the church relocates to Shiloh’s 56 acre church property and holds services in tents while the building is under construction.

September of 2014: Construction of New Children’s Building
Oregon Ministry Network gives 50,000 towards the construction of new Children’s Building contingent upon SR matching funds up to $35,000 (the goal was met in one weekend).

Summer of 2015: Arena
The cattle working pens and arena are completed.

March 2016: 1017 Project Affiliate Programs Launched
Shiloh Ranch raises $65,000 towards the purchase of more herd stock to send to other church bodies. In March of 2016 , SR launches three “Affiliate” 1017 Project church programs throughout Oklahoma, sending herd stock from Oregon.

May 8, 2016: Shiloh Ranch Music Project Launched
Shiloh Ranch Worship Team releases first song, Riptide